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We operate a large fleet of modern, high-specification vehicles, each of which is regularly serviced and maintained at a specialist dealership to ensure reliability, safety and efficiency.

We operate over 40 trailers, the majority being curtain-sided and flat, which carry up to 26 standard pallets. Our fleet of trailers is ideally suited to transporting raw materials such as timber. We also have flat and skeletal trailers for carrying containers and general freight.

Logistics and warehousing
Our warehouse offers a clean and secure storage facility offering over 40,000 square feet of space, with both pallet racking and block store areas. Capacity within the operation encompasses the full range of ambient and specialist storage requirements in a variety of racked, stacked and mixed layouts.

Account management
Our account management service ensures you receive professional customer service at every stage of your transport operation – with 24/7 response to provide real-time updates. Our service includes:

  • Planning – every delivery is thoroughly planned from start to finish.
  • Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) tracking – we offer our customers real-time GPS information.
  • Driverline – connects the driver to customer services and tracks all issues with deliveries and trucks & trailers.

Environmental responsibility
We employ a range of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly trucks, all of which reduce our carbon footprint and help to protect the environment. As well as being kinder to the earth, these trucks are also kinder to our economy, helping us to make MPG efficiencies and reduce costs.

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